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3.125 Ht Orientation Strong Arm Tool

Coil Tubing Or Snubbing

Orientation Tool is operated by flow activation, By increasing the flow rate above the flow ate a pressure is achievedat the tool, typically in the range of 1000 psi, whereupon a piston will stroke downwards. This downward movement will rotate a Drive Shoe by means of a helical drive shaft, converting linear motion into torque. The degree of orientation imparted is dependent upon the distance the piston moves. This ensures that rotation is truly stepless.
The Drive Shoe will normally rotate a maximum 45 degrees in a single cycle. To repeat the cycle, thw flow rate is reduced back to normal circulation, the tool will stop rotating and become rigid. The piston will automatically return to its start position so that the tool is reset. The indexing cycle can now be repeated as before.
Features / Benefits
          .  Stepless clockwise orientation
          .  Maximum high torque capabillty
          .  Simple & robust orientation mechanism
          .  Precise rotational control
          .  Locking at any new position by reducing fluid volume